Nature Retreats Greece is powered by Geopsis Maps & Guides, Greece’s third travel publishing company with over a decade experience in mapping, guiding and similar services (specialized in Northern Greece and some islands like Thasos, Lesvos and Ikaria).

we are more than guides, we are hosts!

That famous Greek Hospitality… it can’t be described, but it can be experienced. It is a culture and a way of life. We expect to meet, welcome and share, instead of just guiding you!


  • Safety of the group

  • Minimum environmental impact

  • Food & waste sustainability

  • Respect to local culture

  • Quality, not quantity. Limited number of participants per event.

why you need to apply first

We are bound to the principle of protecting our planet, save resources, share positive energy, and promote a local and slow way of life. For this reason we host events with limited participants. That’s why we need to know a little bit more about you, and what you are hoping to experience with us, to make sure it is the right fit.