Naturetreats Greece

23-28 October 2019

6DAYS | INCLUDED: airport pickup, 5 nights in hotel with breakfast, transportation during activities, one dinner every day, your guides, hiking maps and books, light walking equipment.

10% off if you book on our website until August 1st 2019

This is an event for experienced hikers / mountaineers. You are used to walking more than 10km per day in smooth as well as in rugged terrain. You listen to the sound of silence along a footpath, your eyes sparkle at the sight of a trail entrance. Expect: hundred-year old stone bridges, autumn-painted terrain, flowing endorfins, spectacular panorama views. Every hike ends with freshly made delicacies in local taverns nearby (included in the event fee).


In a nutshell

Our base is the city of Kavala. Here lies the golden section, the middle distance to everywhere: mountains peaking over 2100m high, national parks with virgin forests, hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, rivers and impressive waterfalls. We’ll start off from here and drive to the designated hiking areas.

You need to be prepared to start the day early. We picked one of the smoothest seasons of the year to go hiking, with not much warmth, neither cold, but it means the days are shorter. We need all team members to be punctual for the start of our trips.

During our hikes, we’ll have light meals we bring with us. Sandwiches, energy bars etc. We end our daily hiking with a common dinner (included in the event fee), preferably at a local tavern, close to the mountain we just hiked.

Lefteris, professional cartographer, has mapped every inch of these mountains. See the high accuracy, hiking and trekking maps here Geopsis Cartography


Example schedule in detail

Arrival day: We pick you up at Thessaloniki or Kavala airport and drive to Kavala. We talk and plan about the next days over a dinner and beer. If you plan to arrive on an earlier date, we’ll happily help you arrange accommodation, if possible in the same hotel you’ll be staying at.

Day 2: One of the nearby mountains, summiting at 1956m above sea level, is Mt. Paggaio, where dozens of long, waymarked trails exist. We ascend moderate level 5hrs trail. This is an one-way route and we will get a ride back. There will be time to enjoy the views from up there! Dinner together. TOTAL HIKING DISTANCE 8.5km, MIN.ELEV. 590m, MAX.ELEV. 1946m

Day 3: Shorter hike option: we follow an easier, 3hrs trail, along the old path of the roman aqueduct of Kavala city. Free evening and dinner together. TOTAL HIKING DISTANCE 9km, MIN.ELEV. 70m, MAX.ELEV. 480m

Elevation profiles of each day hiking round

Day 4: We set off for the Rodopi Mountain Range. Here is one of the tallest and most spectacular waterfalls of the Balkans! There are hundreds of kilometers of trails but we planned a route for you to see as much of this unspoiled wilderness of Rodopi Mountain Range. We stay at the very organized forest village. Dinner together: barbecue. TOTAL HIKING DISTANCE 18km, MIN.ELEV. 620m, MAX.ELEV. 1220m

Day 5: We take the way back and the team is dropped off at an old village close to Komnina. There starts our last hike trough the straits and valley of Greece’s 5th river, Nestos. Evening in Kavala and dinner together. TOTAL HIKING DISTANCE 10km, MIN.ELEV. 40m, MAX.ELEV. 520m

Day 6: Transport to the aiport(s). Depending on when your flight is leaving, we will have a breakfast together. We will happily assist you to extend your visit, if you wish, before you arrive or during your stay.

Notice that in case you are interested in staying and hiking more days than the event’s duration, we will help you in anyway we can with advice, proposals, tips and suggestions on where to stay, to eat etc. You’ll also have the awesome and extremely accurate Geopsis Maps!

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Here is one of the places we will hike by


  • Single participant (in single room) > €990 or €880 if you book on our website until May 1st 2019.

  • Couple (in double room) > €1690 or €1520 if you book on our website until May 1st 2019.

The event price includes: 4 nights in hotel with breakfast (in the center of Kavala) and 1 night in a very organized mountain lodge (in Rodopi), one dinner per day, transportation to and from the airport of Thessaloniki or Kavala, transportation throughout the event activities, tickets & fees where applicable, optional winery visit and wine tasting, your hosts service and guiding, light hiking equipment, hiking maps and books.

Getting there

As stated above, the prices do not include your flight tickets to and from Greece. Included in the event fee is airport pickup as follows:

  • Pickup from Thessaloniki (SKG) or Kavala (KVA) airport (the closest airports)

  • THESSALONIKI AIRPORT: We will pick up if you arrive on the arrival day. If you arrive later than this, see below how to get here. We’ll help in any way we can to have a smooth and fast trip to Kavala.

  • KAVALA AIRPORT: We will pick up if you arrive on the arrival day or two days earlier. We will try to pick you up if you land at Kavala after the arrival day. Otherwise, getting a taxi or bus to Kavala takes just 30’

The most common ways of reaching Kavala:

  1. Flight to Thessaloniki (SKG), Greece’s second largest city. Intercity buses depart every hour from Thessaloniki to Kavala, up to 22.00, daily. The trip takes around 2,5hrs.

  2. Flight to Kavala (KVA). Less frequent, chartered flights from abroad, mainly in the summer. Daily flights from Athens (ATH)

  3. Buses from Athens and Thessaloniki. Two buses from Athens and several from Thessaloniki, daily.